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using a laptop to code on Elementari
using a laptop to code on Elementari
using a tablet to write on Elementari
using a tablet to write on Elementari

Coding for Kids with Arts and Literacy

Elementari is the easiest way for kids to learn coding by creating projects across the curriculum. Fun, interactive lessons to code stories, games, and more!

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Interactive Self Guided Lessons

Coding Made Simple

Start coding with zero experience. Assign a standards-aligned lesson and see your students coding a story, game, or app across all subjects.

Build Literacy and Coding Skills

Inclusive and Fun

Make learning and coding accessible and fun for all students with our “Read to Me” feature, interactive, self-guided lessons, and collaborative options.

Teacher-Led Publishing

Oversee student activity, review projects, and offer feedback. Control all features—from chat to collaboration—with projects requiring your review before publishing to a global audience.

Create and Code Awesome Projects

  • Thousands of illustrations

    Access thousands of original illustrations. Perfect for kids to create visually stunning projects effortlessly.

  • Background music and effects

    Enhance your projects with background music and sound effects from the community. Code your own voice recording to play to make it unique!

  • Awesome animations

    Bring your stories, games, or apps to life by animating characters and text.

  • Multiple endings

    Code interactive choose-your-own-adventure or escape room games. Learning to code is an exciting adventure for kids.

Coding For All Ages

From 1st graders animating stories to teens creating escape games, our visual coding platform makes learning coding fun and easy for kids of all ages.

Different Elementari coding blocks on a dark grey grid.

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