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Ignite Creativity with
Storytelling & Coding for Kids

Onboard your students

  • Start for free with full access to all lessons for up to 35 student accounts.
  • Set up your first classroom to merge storytelling with coding.
  • Add students easily via Clever, ClassLink, Google Classrooms, invite codes, or usernames.

Import Students Accounts

Import students easily from Clever, ClassLink, or Google Classrooms. Students use Single Sign-On (SSO) for instant access.

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Create Student Usernames

Generate student accounts with just a username. Perfect for young learners and flexible classroom setups.

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Classroom Invite Code

Share your classroom code or invite link for students to sign up on their own.

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QR Code Badge Login

Print QR code badges for students to scan and log in instantly. All student accounts support QR logins

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Instant Link Login

Share a unique login link for students to click and log in instantly. Ideal for remote learning.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Check if students are logged in, view their last login time, and see what they are working on.

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Assign an interactive lesson

  • Choose an interactive, self-guided lesson from our library (or create your own).
  • Monitor and support students as they progress through step-by-step through their project.
  • Facilitate learning with built-in tools that make coding accessible and fun for all levels.

No Coding Experience

Start without needing any coding experience. Our lessons guide both teachers and students through hands-on learning step by step.

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Simple Creation Tools

Unleash creativity with easy-to-use tools. Access thousands of illustrations and sound effects to start creating immediately.

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Standards Aligned Lessons

Implement our CSTA, AASL, ISTE, and Common Core-aligned lessons. Our lessons support novices and challenge advanced learners.

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Cross Curricular Connections

Integrate coding and storytelling with History, Science, and Language Arts. Our lessons help students demonstrate and connect knowledge across subjects.

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Adaptable Student Levels

Adjust student levels to provide the right balance of support and challenge. Tailor learning experiences to each student, ensuring everyone thrives.

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Real Time Collaboration

Facilitate teamwork across devices as students combine skills to create complex projects. Integrated chat enables smooth communication.

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Engagement Statistics

Track students' time spent writing and coding for each project. View total engagement from your classroom by lesson to measure progress.

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Student Feedback

Offer personalized, constructive feedback to motivate students and enhance their skills, page by page.

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Safe Publishing

Review student-submitted projects. Only teachers can publish student work to make it publicly viewable, ensuring a safe environment.

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Celebrate and share student projects

  • Recognize and celebrate your students' published coding projects by sharing your classroom library.
  • Encourage engagement and digital citizenship through community feedback and support.
  • Inspire creativity and collaboration with project sharing and public showcases.

Project Sharing

Showcase student projects beyond the classroom by sharing a direct link or embedding them on any webpage.

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Public Classroom Library

Share the link to your classroom library so others can see your students' published work and engagement highlights.

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Private Comments

Encourage students to support each other through private classroom comments, building a supportive classroom community.

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Automated Crediting

Ensure artists are credited. When students publish, illustrators and composers are automatically credited and notified, promoting responsible digital citizenship.

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Community Impact

Highlight how students' coded projects can impact outside the classroom, inspiring them to continue creating for an authentic audience.

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Community Learning

Encourage students to learn from each other by using "Inspect Mode" to explore the coding or creating a remix using an existing project as a base.

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What is Elementari?

Elementari is the easiest way for kids to learn coding by creating projects across the curriculum. Ignite creativity with fun, interactive lessons—no coding experience needed to craft stories, games, and more. Our mission is to foster creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration by empowering students to code their own creative stories, apps, and games.

Who uses Elementari?

K12 educators use Elementari to blend coding and storytelling in classroom learning. Our project-based lessons cover subjects like science, English Language Arts (ELA), and social studies. Kids also use Elementari for fun, creating and sharing projects outside of class. Teachers and organizations can design interactive experiences and escape games to engage students.

What if I need more than 35 student accounts?

If you need more than 35 student accounts, consider upgrading to our Educator Plus plan, which includes 150 student accounts, or opt for our School Plan. School Plans start at $2 per student per year and include free accounts for teachers. See Plans.

What do I need to run Elementari?

Elementari is accessible through any modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) and is compatible with laptops, tablets, and iPads for creating, as well as mobile phones for reading.

Is student data secure?

Yes, Elementari ensures student data is secure and compliant with COPPA, FERPA, and SOPIPA. We are a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and comply with GDPR standards in Europe. For additional documentation or agreements, please contact us.

What support is available for teachers?

We provide FREE professional development (PD) sessions and training for schools and educators. You can schedule a quick demo, contact us for a training session, or explore our Help Center for tutorials and more.

What are Elementari lessons like?

Our standards-aligned lessons are interactive and cater to all skill levels, guiding students step-by-step through both coding and storytelling. Interested in partnering with us to create a lesson for your class? Contact us.

How do I track student progress in Elementari?

Teachers can monitor student progress through real-time data on the platform, which includes time spent on activities. You can also view ongoing student projects at any time and provide detailed feedback to support individual student needs.

Can students collaborate?

Yes! Students can work together on the same project simultaneously in real-time. To collaborate, a student simply shares their project link, provided the teacher has enabled collaboration settings.

What are students creating?

Students can create a variety of projects, ranging from simple picture books and presentations to more complex interactive narratives like choose-your-own-adventure stories and escape room games. Check out examples here.

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